Monday, November 12, 2007

Pros & Cons on Zoo's

I must start by saying Zoo's had a huge impact on my young childhood. Every summer my grandparents would take all the grandchildren to the zoo. I love this tradition and would love to carry it on to future generations of my family. I guess entertainment could be a good way to start of on the Pro side. Animals who are near extinction can be captured and mated in zoo's to rebuild the population of the species. A con that comes to mind is that the zoo habitats aren't built to a real life sized setting. I do feel sympathy looking at some of the animals stuck in small little cages. Also if you factor in that some of the animals taking captive for zoos were taken away from their families. From my stand point...That would suck!!! So to wrap this up, I love Zoo's but at the same time I feel slightly bad for some of the animals stuck in there. It's all just a catch 22 in my mind

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Shorty said...

Im with Michael on this subject but I say that it is a good thing to have zoos in this world. My reasoning for that statement is that some people dont even know what certain animals are amd what they even look like. Zoos are very excellent education aids for young ones and even for the elderly. I, as an example, never knew what a elephant or what a tiger looked like until i went to a zoo. I guess I have an excuse because i am paralized from my legs down but it still doesnt cover the fact that i had never seen an elephant. I say that zoos are very good for extinct animals and for people in general. The animals dont even need to worry about food. The zoo keepers take care of that. Another thing is that they dont need to worry about predators or any danger for their young if they have any. To me as a WWF Animal Conservation Member, I say animals should stay in Zoos.